The Sunstaff of Kilalámmu
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"And from the dust of the people of the mountains there shall arise he who shall unite" Kilalámmuyani saying

This is the start of my Tekumel campaign in which Chalamuren Churitáshmu will try and redeem his vow to unite Kilalámmu into a coherant nation. More will be added as it occurs.

Part One:

The Sunstaff of Kilalámmu.

An ancient symbol, a rallying point, something that may help in bringing unity to the splintered clans of the Kilalámmuyani. Something that Chalamuren Churitáshmu will need if he is to realise his destiny and become ruler of a united Kilalámmuyani. But this something others also seek, some to thwart Chalamuren, others with different goals in mind.

What is the Sunstaff? Here's the rub, no one seems to know. Some believe it is a device of the ancients from before the time of darkness, but if so they disagree on its properties. Others believe that it may be the staff upon which one of Engsvanyali's legions carried their great standards or it could be a symbol of great Hnalla. But whatever it is tales tell that people will flock to serve whosoever controls the Sunstaff. For Chalamuren Churitáshmu that is enough, for now. His late father's goals have become his. Perhaps what people say, that it is his destiny to forge a nation is true. Time will tell.

Where is the Sunstaff? Another interesting question, if you don't know what it is how can you know where it is? Chalamuren Churitáshmu does not know where it is, but he believes he knows where it was, or at least his clan father sent him a clue before his death. He needs to start his search beneath the town of Alásúm. Getting to Alásúm is easy it is where Chalamuren Churitáshmu resides. His clan father's message tells him that he needs to find the source of the Column of the Everflame. To do that he must find a way beneath the town. Chalamuren Churitáshmu has heard of several potential entrances.

The Tombs of the Unknown; On the northwest bank of the Llanu river stand a number of tombs, dating back to the Engsvanyali period, and older. All have had the names and inscriptions roughly chiselled off, the few scholars who have looked at them have not been able to identify who the tombs belong to.

The Citadel of Tears; the crumbling collection of buildings in the north-east portion of the town is not inhabited. Locals claim that the spirits of the dead hold sway there. Occassional people who do enter have reported feeling a sense of intense grief and some have reported hearing sounds of lamentation which build in their mind until they can think no other thoughts and must escape or join whatever exists in the complex.

The Warrens of Fear; a section of the town which was largely destroyed many years ago and has not yet been rebuilt. A number of chasms and sink holes are found in this part of the town. It is considered very dangerous to enter and few locals will willingly do so, especially after dark. Strange noises and a similar miasma to that of the Citadel, though of fear rather than grief pervades the area. It has been theorized that the two are linked.

The Temples; a number of small temples dedicated to the local versions of the deities worshipped by the Kilalámmuyani.

Of these possibilities the one least likely to succeed from the point of view of Chalamuren Churitáshmu would be the temples. It is true that they do have entrances to the towns underworld, but the reason for the quest may be of concern to them. The Column of Everflame is held to be sacred to Vimuhla so they at least would object to a search into its origin without accompanying the questor. Perhaps they already know?

  The Tombs of the Unknown

I have not greatly detailed any possible encounters on this level. Partly because the upper levels have been largely emptied over time and partly because a GM may wish to alter what is there to suit their own vision. Where I have mentioned creatures these are suggestions only.

Further sections of the underworld of the town of Alásúm will gradually appear.

  The Tombs of the Unknown - Level 1
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  The Western Pyramid - Level 1
  The Western Pyramid - Level 1
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  Location Description
  1 This is a rough hewn tunnel cut into the western wall of the pyramid. The tunnel varies from 3 to 5' across and is about 23' in length. It is a bit of a squeeze in places but perseverance will get you into a chamber of the pyramid. This tunnel is not likely to collapse but moving through produces numerous small streams of rock and dust to make things unpleasant.
  2 This is a chamber roughly 15' x 25'. A stone table was dislodged when the entrance tunnel was cut and its occupant lies dumped on the floor beside the table. The roof in this chamber is crumbling and there has been a small rock fall above the arch on the eastern side of the chamber.
  3 This is a passageway roughly 5' wide by 20' long. It is only 5' high and claustrophobic. Numerous small pebbles rain down on those passing through.
  4 This is a chamber 25' by 15'. The "south" wall has two large statues of females, each either side of a pair of wooden doors bound in bronze strips. Attempting to open these doors will result in them falling of their hinges and crashing to the ground. The centre of the chamber is dominated by a statue of a reclining female surrounded by dozens of skulls. Several skeletal humans lie of the floor nearby. The piles of skulls are faintly luminescent. You do not want to disturb them as the mould growing on them is rather unpleasant (causes fluid to form rapidly in the lungs). There are two smaller wooden doors on the northern wall and one on the western. These doors are still strong enough to be opened without collapsing.
  5 This is a flight of stairs descending about 20' as they go north. Depending on whether the doors from chamber 6 were opened they may be littered with shattered timbers from the upper doors.
  6 This is the actual entrance to the pyramid tomb. It is roughly 15' x 25'. Twelve pillars on the long sides of the chamber support the roof. The pillars were once richly carved but the inscriptions have been roughly hewn off many years ago. At the northern end of the chamber is a statue of a seated figure on a stone throne. The statue is simply carved and again all the inscriptions were hacked off years ago. Behind the statue is a great wooden door bound in strips of bronze. The bronze is green with age and if forced the doors will fall from their ancient hinges and crash down the stairs behind them.
  7 This is a corridor about 5' wide running for about 15'. Occasionally Dlaqó may be found here. There lair is in chamber 9.
  8 This is also a corridor about 5' wide however about 8' along there is a wooden door. Opening this reveals a small spiked pit with a plank across its top. There is evidence that someone was chipping at the north wall. The chipping was abandoned before a hole was opened into the chamber beyond.
  9 This is a 30' by 15' chamber. The northwest corner contains a skeleton partly buried by a rock fall. This corner of the room is still prone to dangerous stones falling from the interior of the pyramid. There is a pile of rubbish, rotting cloth etc on the eastern side of the chamber. This partly conceals the eastern exit from the room which is partially blocked with rubble. Just to make life more interesting the rubbish also conceals a group of Dlaqó. These can also be found from time to time in locations 7 and the corridor sections to the east. If doors are left open they can spread!
  10 This is a 10' by 15' chamber. Apart from some broken wooden furniture the chamber is empty.
  11 This chamber is roughly 10' by 10'. In the centre of the room is a fissure which can be climbed down into a lower level.
  12 This is an octagonal chamber about 15' across. The eastern end is partially filled with rubble from a tunnel heading east towards the central pyramid.
  13 This is a rough cut tunnel about 5' across connecting the western and central pyramid tombs. It is in a perilous state and looks like it could cave in at any moment.
  The Central Pyramid - Level 1
  The Central Pyramid - Level 1
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  Location Description
  13 This is a rough cut tunnel about 5' across connecting the western and central pyramid tombs. It is in a perilous state and looks like it could cave in at any moment.
  14 This is a small partially filled corridor about 5' wide by 10' long. There is a wooden door at each end.
  15 This chamber is 25' by 15' and contains a pool about 6' across. That pool is not empty however. It contains a number of Mrúr who are going to be very happy you dropped in. If a means can be found to swim underwater this pool connects with the one in location 36.
  16 This chamber is 15' by 10' and appears to be empty bar for a pile of debris consisting largely of the remains of roofing timbers. The roof is very close to collapsing so softly softly.
  17 This flight of stairs passes through about 20' of height, climbing as you go north and east. Be careful of the slime on the stairs, and on the ceiling above as it is very corrosive.
  18 This chamber is 10' by 15'. The northern end is occupied by a large statue of a man holding a javelin in the left hand and a representation of a straight sword in the right. A passageway on the eastern side has had a wall built over it. Observation can show its outlines but it will take hard labour to clear enough stone to enter. The southern side contains a wooden bronze bound door.
  19 This passageway runs about 20' long and connects to the entrance chamber of the pyramid. Partway along its eastern side is a wooden bronze bound door.
  20 This is the entrance chamber to the pyramid. The southern wall contains two great wooden doors bond with bronze. They are in poor condition and any attempt to open them will result in one of the doors falling from its mount with an attendant bang and crash. The chamber contains two great statues of a simple style either side of the door in the northern wall.
  21 This is a 5' wide corridor heading roughly eastward for about 20' with a dog leg. There is the ubiquitous wooden bronze bound door at each end.
  22 This 10' by 10' chamber contains a stone sarcophagus. The lid is still intact though its inscriptions have been chiselled off sometime in the past. Near the door lies the partially decomposed remains of the last person who entered this chamber, what killed him is not obvious. The occupant of the sarcophagus is still present and dead, but his sarcophagus still contains a corrosive gas which will be released with some pressure should the lid be disturbed.
  23 This is a 5' wide corridor running for about 23' veering from east to north. Both ends of the corridor have been sealed with walls and need a lot of labour to break a hole into them large enough to pass through.
  24 This 10' by 10' chamber contains a shallow pit in which the skeletal remains of a warrior lie. The warrior is still wearing the remains of his leather harness and a shield with a bronze boss. By his side lies the badly corroded remains of a steel! Sword. The sword may be useable with some cleanup but it is also imbued with other worldly energy which will release an electric shock in to anyone picking it up. It will continue to do this to anyone attempting to wield it once a day. However if it is bathed in blood before it is wielded it will transfer this property to the blade and instead inflict it upon anything it strikes.
  The Eastern Pyramid - Level 1
  The Eastern Pyramid - Level 1
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  Location Description
  25 This is a 15' by 10' chamber containing two stone slabs with a skeleton lying on each. The southern most one has been partly buried by a rock fall and the rest of the roof could come down at any moment. The door on the north eastern wall is the normal wooden door bound with bronze bands.
  26 This is a 5' wide corridor running towards the east for about 20' with a bend in the middle. The doors at either end are the normal types.
  27 This chamber is 15' by 10'. The roof is very unstable and the slightest sound will bring down part of the roof (represented by the pile of timbers on the plan). There is a large door in the south eastern part of the chamber and a normal sized door in the eastern wall.
  28 This is just a short corridor about 10' long.
  29 This is a 10' by 10' chamber filled with rotting fabrics, carpets etc. There is nothing of value here. But the rubbish does contain numerous vermin to make the life of anyone living a misery. Think numerous biting insects, producing allergic reactions etc.
  30 This 15' x 10' chamber was sealed off ages ago. If the blocking wall is knocked through and the chamber entered it will be found to be empty with no sign that it has ever been used.
  31 This corridor runs for about 24' to the north east ending in a blocked over end at the bottom of a flight of stairs. The stairs descend about 20'.
  32 This is the proper entrance into the pyramid. The small door which can be opened without too much noise opens into a corridor. About 10' in from the entrance there is a door on the left.
  33 This is a corridor about 20' in total length bending towards the north.
  34 This chamber which is 15' by 30' seems to be a shrine to some ancient deity who is represented by a statue painted with faded red paint sitting in front of a bowl containing what looks like water. (It is water but it tastes foul).
  The Mauseleum - Level 1
  The Mauseleum - Level 1
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  Location Description
  35 These are the entrances to the “mausoleum” located on the north, south, east and west sides of the structure. The entrances have been sealed with great stone slabs and it would take some effort to open one, especially if you don't want to make a lot of noise.
  36 This is a roughly octagonal chamber with pillars supporting the roof, not completely successfully as there has been a collapse of some roof material on the eastern side. The centre of the room contains a pool. If a means can be found to swim underwater this pool connects with the one in location 15 (but watch out for the Mrúr). There are stone slabs on the western and eastern side of the chamber on which lie the remains of two skeletal forms dressed in faded robes. These are more Mrúr who will welcome visitors. They can be reinforced from chamber 15.
  The Temple - Level 1
  The Temple - Level 1
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  Location Description
  37 This 10' x 10' chamber is entered by climbing down the ladder which someone has thoughtfully placed here. Under a pile of rocks fallen from above lies a skeleton
  38 This passageway runs nearly the full length, about 74' with numerous branches running off it. The first branch, on the left as you move into the complex has had a heavy stone wall built across its entrance. It will take a major effort to breach this barrier. The next intersection (a crossroads) has had a minor rock fall right in the middle. More stones will fall as people pass through here. The third and fourth crossroads are clear but the fifth one again shows evidence of the collapse of the ceiling.
  39 This 10' by 15' chamber is empty apart from a pile of rocks fallen from the roof. It does give the impression though that it is some sort of cell. An impression strengthened by the presence of bolts on the outside of the door.
  40 This 10' by 15' chamber appears to be another cell. This one contains a wooden bench in good repair and a bucket.
  41 Another 10' by 15' cell. This one still has the remains on its last occupant.
  42 Another 10' by 15' cell. This one also still has the remains on its last occupant as well as the remains of a small bench or wooden bed.
  43 Another 10' by 15' cell. The cell door cannot be locked. This one still has the remains on its last occupant, and it is a might annoyed, and rather hungry. Perhaps a Jajgi?
  44 This 10' by 15' chamber appears to be another cell. This one contains a wooden bench in good repair.
  45 This 10' by 15' chamber appears to be another cell. This one contains the remains of a wooden bench.
  46 This 10' by 15' chamber appears to be another cell. This one contains a wooden bench in good repair.
  47 This 10' by 15' cell contains two skeletons and the remains of a wooden table.
  48 This 25' by 15' chamber appears to have been used recently to perform a sacrifice. A torch still burns in one of the wall sconces and wet blood still ie on the stone slab and on the floor. A pile of human skulls is located in the north east portion of the chamber. Hope that the people who performed the ritual don't come back while you are still there!
  The Small Tomb - Level 1
  The Small Tomb - Level 1
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  Location Description
  49 This is the entrance to the small tomb. Like all the others all the inscriptions have been chiselled off many years in the past. The stone slab blocking the entrance is cracked and can with difficulty be levered aside.
  50 This 10' by 10' chamber contains a solitary skeleton which appears to have been unceremonially dumped here. There are no inscriptions or items other than the skeleton.
  51 The passageway is blocked with rubble. Assuming this is cleared the passageway ends with a wall blocking the entrance to the interior chambers.
  52 This is an empty 10' by 10' chamber. The exit in the north wall has been built over and would need work to open a hole large enough to pass through.
  53 This 10' by 10' chamber has two skeletons dumped here, probably a boy and a girl. Again there are no adornments or items beyond the skeletons themselves.
  54 This is a small corridor which bends at right angles towards the east. On the wall it can be seen that some sort of scene has been chiselled from the walls.