The Town of Kilsúm
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The Kilalámmuyani town of Kilsúm Key
The Kilalámmuyani town of Kilsúm
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The Town of Kilsúm is situated by the old Sakbe road heading through the center of Kilalámmu from west to east. The town also straddles the river Ssa'. Currently the town boasts a population of around 4,000. The town is in better condition than many in Kilalámmu and does have a number of "features: which may be of interest to the adventurous or foolhardy, amongst which are;

Tower of Ishrai is one of three towers that appear to have been built at about the same time in Kilsúm. The others being the Tower of the Twinkling Lights and the Tower of the Soulless. The inside of the tower is featureless and covered in some metal which no one knows how to work. Who Ishrai was is not known, it is all that remains of an inscription added to a stone in front of the towers single entrance long after the tower itself was built. The three towers themselves seem untouched by the erosions of time.

House of Kalant This is the house of locally renowned "scholar" and wiseman Bisra Kalant. It is believed that he is also knowledgeable of what is to be found beneath several towns in Kilalámmu.

Necropolis of Kilsúm A number of structures some dating back to the Bednalljan period, said to be the tombs of local "kings and warlords." Several are believed to contain entrances to the labyrinths beneath Kilsúm.

House of High Silver The clan house of what passes for a Kilalámmuyani high clan in western Kilalámmu. The house itself is quite new being only three hundred years old. The current head of the "house" in Kilsúm is Dasrin Chalamur. The clan is in opposition to that of the Spire of Gold who occupy the Palace of Watchful Strength, but currently lacks the strength to displace the Spire of Gold from their current pre-eminant position.

Market Square of Hethran is a typical small market area where local produce and occassional trade items from other regions can be found. The most notable feature of the market is the Tower of the Twinkling Lights.

Tower of the Twinkling Lights is an ancient tower located in the center of the Market Square of Hethran and is so named because of the lights that appear on the inside of the towers dome. A number of these appear to move. It was thought that they represented space around Tekumel prior to the time of darkness, but the few scholars who have examined the images state that the moving lights do not represent Tekumels sister worlds.

House of the Dark Rock The "clan house" of another of what passes for a high clan in Kilalámmu. The clan members mostly follows of the local versions of Hruu and Vimuhla and contains many warriors.

Tower of the Soulless is an isolated tower sitting on a great rock in the river Ssa'. The locals do not enter it and tell tales of the fates of those who do not heed their warning. Some tales indicate that the tower contains some of the nastier creatures of the underworld, others that automatons of the ancient roam within the structure. What is definately known is that occassionly a loud sound, as of many horns blowing emmanates from the tower, at such times the populace do not venture abroad and the streets of the town are abandoned. The people claim that the undead then walk the streets looking for fresh "recruits".

Temples of the Gods The typical smaller temples to the gods. The temples are still quite powerful in Kilsúm but not quite to the extent of those in Tsolyanu.

Garden of Mirthful Rejoicing An ancient garden on the banks of the river. Town celebrations and feasts are generally centered on the garden. At other times the garden is a quiet meditative area open to all. It is considered a serious offence to cause trouble of any kind within the garden.

Palace of Watchful Strength The main defensive structure of Kilsúm and the clan house of the clan of the Spire of Gold which currently "rules" the town. Many of its troops come from the allied clan of the Dark Rock.