The World of Tekumel
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Kilalámmu and surrounds
Kilalámmu and Surrounds

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My campaign is based in the region known as Kilalámmu located east of Tsolyanu. Kilalámmu is a wild mountainous region with irksome neighbours. The dreaded Ssu who hate mankind to the south, Tsolyanu and Milumanaya to the west and Saa Allaqi and Jannu to the north.

Kilalámmu is not yet a united nation, being made up of various clans ruling small towns and villages. There are no cities of the size found in Tsolyanu. But there are a lot more Kilalámmuyani in the mountains than their neighbours realise. All it will take is a great leader to unite these disparate clans and turn Kilalámmu into a true nation. This is where my campaign shall begin, with the emergence of such a leader and his endeavours to follow his skein of destiny and create a nation.