The Town of Alásúm
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The Kilalámmuyani town of Alásúm Key
The Kilalámmuyani town of Alásúm
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The Town of Alásúm is situated at the end of the old Sakbe road from Sirsúm. Its current population is only around 2,500 but it must once have held a much greater number. A good quarter of the town is uninhabited and its ancient fortifications are crumbling into ruin. The town does have a number of "features: which may interest the adventurous or foolhardy.

Tombs of the Unknown On the northwest bank of the Llanu river stand a number of tombs, dating back to the Engsvanyali period, and older. All have had the names and inscriptions roughly chiselled off, the few scholars who have looked at them have not been able to identify who the tombs belong to.

Bridge of Regret is the great wooden bridge, over 140 feet long, which crosses the Llanu to connect the town with the tomb complex.

Ford of Loss also connects the town with the tomb complex. The river Llanu is however prone to sudden floods from the icy waters of the mountains of Kilalámmu, many an unwary traveller has been lost attemtping this ford only to be swept away by a sudden flood.

Column of the Everflame is a pillar of fire between the temple district and the homes of the local nobility. As may be expected it is of significance to those who follow Vimuhla. The flame has been burning continually since before the town was established. What keeps it burning is not known, a device of the ancients? A huge pocket of underground gas? The actual intercession of Vimuhla? No one apparently knows.

Citadel of Tears the crumbling collection of buildings in the north-east portion of the town is not inhabited. Locals claim that the spirits of the dead hold sway there. Occassional people who do enter have reported feeling a sense of intense grief and some have reported hearing sounds of lamentation which build in their mind until they can think no other thoughts and must escape or join whatever exists in the complex.

Temples a number of small temples dedicated to the local versions of the deities worshipped by the Kilalámmuyani.

Warrens of Fear is a section of the town which was largely destroyed many years ago and has not yet been rebuilt. A number of chasms and sink holes are found in this part of the town. It is considered very dangerous to enter and few locals will willingly do so, especially after dark. Strange noises and a similar miasma to that of the Citadel, though of fear rather than grief pervades the area. It has been theorized that the two are linked.

Gate of Sulum is the principal gate into the town. It is also the end of the old Sakbe road from Sirsúm. The gate is now also used by those who need to tackle the pass known as the Gap of Shadows, which passes through the mountains into central Kilalámmu. The gate itself is topped by two great spires.

Gate of Treachery this gate is now rarely used as it open up into the Warrens of Fear. Why it is called the Gate of Treachery is not known. Some hold that some enemy was allowed through this gate resulting in the creation of the Warrens and the abandonment of the Citadel.